Our business

ECF is a specialist communications and engagement consultancy working across the United Kingdom.

We design and deliver communications and engagement solutions for clients across the built environment, transport, infrastructure, planning, construction, energy, regeneration, education and housing sectors. From large transport infrastructure projects, right through to small housing developments, we help our clients meet their communication goals.

Our approach to projects is simple. We draw upon the expertise of UK based specialists and combine it with innovative engagement methodologies, drawn from Australia and around the world, to deliver best practice communications and engagement solutions for public and private sector clients. 

We have a teaming agreement with one of Australia’s largest and most respected communications and engagement providers in Australia, Kathy Jones and Associates (KJA). We draw on KJA’s innovative engagement methodologies and combine them with UK-based knowledge to deliver communications solutions for our clients.

When engaging communities and stakeholders we use a broad range of engagement techniques, from online tools to deliberative discussion and community workshops, through to door knocking and town hall meetings. Working in-house or remotely, we help our clients achieve project outcomes while protecting their reputations and building stronger relationships with their customers and stakeholders.

Our Services:
Communication Engagement Consultation Facilitation Advisory